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About The Developers

______ acquired the former _____ in ___ and immediately began executing our vision for the newly established “Prickett Preserve”. At that time, the property was ______ and some of its most interesting attributes, including the historic buildings and trees had not been nurtured. This static ____ acres is nestled between Lower Makefield, Yardley, and Newtown, holding unique history, architectural beauty, and locational significance.  ___ was able to see that with some special attention, this property had enormous potential to provide a distinctive, integrated campus for retail, residential and community use. Today, ____ is dedicated to honoring the legacy of C.L. Prickett through the preservation of his story and the story of this area. We are committed to developing the property in a manner that respects and preserves the historic architecture and landscape while we work diligently to provide new opportunities for the community to become a part of that story. 

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